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Training and Weighing Program

My RV School offers a comprehensive training and weighing program. We focus on RVing safety first. Our motto is "Confidence for your journey" and we take that to heart with every customer we train. You become part of our family. My RV School offers a two day training program for your dealer events, rallies, or other RV functions. As part of this program we also offer weighing of each individual corner of the coach of trailer. Knowing your weight is so important for tire pressure inflation. Most RV owners have the mindset to inflate their tires to the max inflation pressure as stamped on the tire sidewall. We show them the actual recommended pressure required for their particular configuration and weight. This is truly an eye opening experience for most as RVers pack by volume and not by weight! My RV School also offers training for your employees and staff members. This includes management training, soft skills, sales and service training as well. For more information on all of our training programs contact us at 855-697-8123 or

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