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It's so much bigger than we thought...

I hear this a lot after the purchase of a new RV. Most people have the "go big or go home" mindset and after the high of the sales process and delivery is over, the reality of what just happened starts to sink in! 
"What now?"
 "What did they say this switch does?"
 "How do I make this turn left, right...heck how do I drive it in a straight line?" 
"What was I thinking?"
 "What now?"
 These are but a few of the questions that we get asked on a regular basis. Once the fog of the purchase wears of, the reality of "now what" sets in. The first to the RV purchase recovery is to BREATHE! As daunting as it may seem, just realize that the RV wants to do the right thing. We are the ones that Jack it up! What I mean is this, the RV will always go in a straight line. We are the ones in control of it, not the other way around. 
The second thing you need to do is remember why we made the purchase in the first place. Most often when asked, our students response is they purchased the RV to RELAX! So from that moment forward think of your RV as a Relaxation Vehicle - your new definition of RV - for a Relaxing Vacation. Making this change to the mindset truly helps to understand why you are in this lifestyle to begin with. 
By allowing yourself to truly understand these two easy steps, you can begin to become more relaxed and to truly enjoy your new purchase. And as always please sign up for training. At My RV School, we are dedicated to help you have Confidence for Your Journey while you are traveling. We offer hands on training for motorized and towable RVs. Follow us on Facebook to see if we are in your area. Contact us today to set up your training. Visit our website for a complete list of training offered.  
Thank you and Safe Travels 
My RV School 

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